Powering Medtronic Employees' Philanthropic Passions

Unprecedented events like the COVID-19 pandemic call for an unprecedented response – and the Medtronic Foundation is answering the call.

The Medtronic Foundation has announced an additional $10 million in contributions to COVID-19 relief efforts, globally. This is on top of a charitable donation of $1.2 million made in February by Medtronic and the Medtronic Foundation. In total, it’s the most robust and comprehensive contribution in the Medtronic Foundation’s 40+ year history.

The funding will impact more than a dozen organizations supporting the safety of frontline healthcare workers, including provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) and critical supplies. The donation will also be used for training, COVID-19 preparedness, and assistance to local communities in offering health and economic support, as well as food services through partnerships with food banks, Meals on Wheels affiliates and local nonprofits.

Click here to read the press release.

The support doesn’t end with the announcement of charitable gifts. Through July 31, the Medtronic Foundation is offering a 2:1 match for donations made to any eligible nonprofit around the world. What this means: when an employee donates $100, the Medtronic Foundation will donate an additional $200, for a total donation of $300 to the nonprofit.

The Medtronic Foundation is also making volunteerism easier with virtual volunteer opportunities and offering skills-based volunteerism opportunities to support organizations responding to the pandemic. It’s all part of an effort to power Medtronic employees’ passions for impacting the communities where they live and give, whenever and however they feel inspired to do so.

“We have a responsibility to be a leader on global issues impacting access to healthcare and supporting local organizations working hard in our communities,” said Paurvi Bhatt, President of the Medtronic Foundation. “We are committed to supporting the courageous frontline workers who are delivering critical services to those in need, as well as the Medtronic employees who are identifying the local needs in their communities and finding unique ways to give back.”